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Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tying The Blue Wing Olive Cripple

Legendary fly inovator Bob Quigley came up with the Mayfly cripple to imitate a struggling mayfly trying to escape it's nymphal shuck and getting stuck. This also happens when mayflies hatch and get fried in the hot sun thus being "still born", as often seen on Hat Creek in the summer months. Selective and wise trout seek out these crippled mayflies as they are an easy meal. I have had great results with this fly but be warned, the fish take this fly with such confidence that they take it deep! A barbless hook is a must when using it. One fine Autumn day on the McCloud River a few years ago a nice BWO hatch was happening in a tail out of a large pool. There were a large number of rising trout and of course they were being picky. I put on a cripple and that solved the problem, but the fish were taking it so deep I felt guilty as I may end up killing such a beautiful creature. I put the dun back on and settled for a few more fish before the hatch waned in the orange haze of the afternoon light.

I tie my cripple using other materials than Mr. Quigley does, It's just my own way of doing things. For the thorax I use closed cell foam to keep the head up, and the forward wing is of antron to better cast the reflection of light. This fly can be tied in various sizes and colors depending on what species is hatching.

-Tiemco 101 size 16.
-8/0 Uni thread in camel.
-Tail; webby fibers of a brown schlappen hackle.
-Body; dubbed webby fibers of a brown schlappen hackle.
-Ribbing; fine gold wire.
-Thorax; closed cell foam.
-Hackle; grizzly or cree.
-Wing; Antron.

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