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Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Product Review - Korkers Boots

When it comes to wading boots, I'm the greatest abuser. There is no other destructive force that even comes close. If a boot last the entire fishing season I consider it a victory. I used Danner boots for many years with great success until the workmanship went downhill in 98, after that the boots would blow up in under a year. Then I tried Patagonia's boot and that lasted only months, Then Orvis, and had a little bit better results with them lasting one season. I become a master at gluing welds, stitching with kevlar thread, and replacing rivets. After much research I decided to go with the Korkers boots. This time I filled out the warranty card, and kept the box with the receipt inside. No more repairs I said to myself, if they fail, I want a new pair of boots or have the manufacturer fix them. These boots feature the interchangeable soles and one boot can be used in many different applications depending on your fishing needs. I bought the felt studded soles, the steel spike soles, and the hiking soles. It's nice to be able to hike long distances with the hiking sole, then switch to the felt once you arrive at your destination. Your felt soles last so much longer! My boots have two seasons on them and are in great shape. There is some minor cosmetic scuffs and that's about it. If you own a pair of these boots, or are thinking of buying them, I have a few tips. The slot that holds the soles in the bottom of the boot should be clean and debris free when changing soles, this will add life to the interchangeable system. The hiking soles are not good for muddy banked lakes like Lake Davis. The mud clings to them like glue. If you fish rivers with huge polished granite boulders like the North Fork Yuba, be very careful with the studded felt soles on dry boulders - You will slide! They are great once you in the water though.

The Korker Guide boots for 2010 look so bad ass, and now feature a BOA lacing system which I love on my snowboard boots. It's quicker and you can get the right amount of tightness, and flexibility. The Omnitrax system is improved as well and so easy to use. These boots are so advanced I may just give my current boots to a new aspiring fly angler and pick up a pair - No wait, for sure I'm getting them!

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  1. Jon----I got my first pair of these boots last year. I had a minimum 120 days on them. I recently got another pair. If you contact the company tell them that I'm a bit embarrassed because I never sent them my endorsement...which I promised...what a flake!!

    What like most about them is the lacing system...or shall I say lack there of...merely lock down and twist. They're just as easy taking off...especially in the dark.

    Second great feature is there weight...minimal. This was a consideration last year when I brought them to Chile.



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