Summer Edition

Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Monday, May 17, 2010

Fishing Report - Lake Davis

I fished the lake on Sunday, it was my first time with the boat out and all the new water has made launching at Honker Cove a breeze. I managed to catch 6 fish on a dark fiery bugger while trolling flies. Water temps were at 53 degrees and the water clarity is not good, muddy at best. There are some rising fish taking Blood Midge emergers and adults.

My trout dog Madison is back on his Lake Davis A game, he really understands the entire game of fishing! This time of year trolling is my searching tool to find out where the fish are holding in the water column, locations, and current hatches. My fish finder is another tool in the belt, I keep a close eye on it and take notes. It's not black magic but it can give an angler the edge it takes to be successful. I found concentrations of fish at Fairview Point and Freeman Creek. The west side road looks to be open as I saw 5 vehicles at Jenkins Point. The lake is fishing fair and will only get better as the weeks pass by.

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