Summer Edition

Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Monday, October 4, 2010

From Italy With Love

There is no question that I'm proud of my Italian heritage and the mother land.  My grandfather "Papa Frank" relocated from Lucca Italy to San Francisco in 1927 just for the hunting and fishing that Northern California had to offer.  He taught my Dad how to fish, my Dad taught me,  and now I teach others the way of thy rod and reel.  So when my friend Kristen asked me If I would like to teach Gabriella, a native Italian who is from a few clicks south of Lucca to fly fish - I was all over it.  Gabriella's love for fly fishing far exceeds more than anybody I have known!  This was her very first time, so I took her to the North Fork Yuba where wild and willing trout come to a dry fly every time.  We had a blast, caught native rainbow trout, and had the pleasure of studying aquatic bugs thanks to biologist, educator, and scientific illustrator Christine Elder (  It's safe to say we have another fly fisher in the making, and this one is from Italy with love!  Ciao!


  1. From one proud Italian to another; I can relate. Back at you...Ciao Baby!!

    Frankie da Fish

  2. Hey Jon,
    It was exciting to go fly fishing!
    I had a blast.
    My mind was intent and so taken by those movement of the rod.
    I liked the interaction between me and the river water and .... the invisible fish. It's an amazing tension that brings excitement.
    I enjoy your teaching, you attitude and your ability to share your passion for fly fishing.

    Thank you and Christine for the vibrant day together on the Yuba River. I hope we'll have more occasions to fish together and study insects.

    A presto!



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