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Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Sunday, December 19, 2010

How Many Rods Does An Angler Need?

Apparently too many when I counted 35 fly rods, 9 trolling rods, 3 classic St. Croix telescoping spin rods (in a Ted Williams/Sears rod case), and all my papa Frank's striper and surf rods.  My most valued and favorite rod is the Walton Powell split bamboo 8' 7" medium action steelhead model pictured above.  It has never had a reel mounted or a line pulled through the guides!  I'm a bit of a collector but I realized out of all these rods I fish about 10 of them through out the year.  Some are custom and fit a certain niche in my quiver, and some have heavy sentimental value to them.. I have seven bamboo rods and I think I'm going to let a few go in these tough times.

Like this  9' Jack B. Schneider split bamboo which is in mint condition.  I do not like the action of most bamboo rods but they are a big part of fly fishing history and every fly angler should own one to hold onto the past.

A 9' Shakespeare "spring brook" split bamboo with an extra tip in mint condition

My quiver.  From Left to right;  7 bamboos, 7 assorted old fly rods both glass and bamboo that were used on a daily basis and papa Frank's rods, 5 glass rods including a Russ Peak steelhead model and a Walton Powell 9ft, the Ted Williams rod case with the St.Croix spinning rods, 3 pack rods, and 16 graphite rods including the late Press Powells last rod - The triple scrimmed 10ft 7wt custom.  I cataloged them today and now have to figure which ones I need to part with.  A fly angler really only needs one rod, and that's the one they have in their hand casting into the great blue yonder in search of prey.

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  1. Good lord, what I would give to have just a couple of those


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