Summer Edition

Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Like Night & Day

What a difference a week can make! Warm temps and plenty of sunshine has baked up some scrumptious conditions on the waters of Eastern Plumas Co.

Lake Davis; Water temps are now running 58-60.5 degrees and the water clarity has vastly improved. The fish are looking up now as I saw numerous rising trout beginning at 8:30am today. Blood midge and the little chartreuse midge (#18) were out in good numbers for a long time. Presenting flies 3 feet down from the surface in 8-20 feet of water got the grabs. Calibaetis are very active as well from 11:30 to 1pm, Z-Lon sparkle nymphs #16 in dark olive/brown was winning. Weeds still have a ways to go but just to see active feeding fish on the surface was a real treat - I'm so ready for some dry fly action! Anglers using indicators seemed to be having the best catch rates, and did even better if they found a nice pod and put the float tube in "park".

MFFR; Water temps are running 52-56 degrees and the flows are coming down and shaping up nicely. The same bugs are out as my previous reports with a few minor adjustments from mother nature. The Gray Drakes seem to be petering out. Golden Stone nymphs are starting to stage on the sides of the river awaiting their emergence. When these stoners get going in a few weeks it is crucial to fish the evening as this is when the majority of the ovipositing is done by the females.

It's been a weird spring altogether for both the lake and river, nothing is quite on cue and some things are early, and some late. It's best to really scan the area you want to fish, make a plan, and be flexible in your approach. What's next week going to bring? Stay tuned...

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