Summer Edition

Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Day The Planets Aligned On The Little Truckee River

Success on the Little Truckee River can mean many different things when it comes to plying her waters with a fly rod. A grab, a look, or maybe a decent fish or two. The bottom line is this river is not a easy place to catch a bunch of fish. My client yesterday, Ken from Missouri wanted a introduction to stalking trout in Northern California. In Missouri they have manicured "trout parks" that have stocked trout and crowds of anglers that make the Little Truckee look like a private fishery. So I took the time with Ken to teach him about wild trout behavior, proper presentations, studying water, flies, and entomology. This boy from the south was a quick learner!

He caught and released 14 trout, both browns and rainbows in the mix from 10-22", all on the Pale Morning Dun dry! Double digits do not come easy on this river and I let him know he may never see a day like this again - It was that good! Strange things happen in the trout world, and when the planets align themselves you better hold on as you just may have the most incredible day fishing with a fly rod ever!

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