Summer Edition

Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lake Davis Report 11/11 - Still Red Hot!

The latest storm blew through leaving a wake of 3" of fresh snow and bitter arctic air. This morning the temps were a balmy 20 degrees, our friend the sun was out though and greeted us with some much needed warmth. I've decided to put the boat away for the season so all of my endeavors to the buckets will be on foot. Hiking out is not a bad thing at all,  you generate a little heat and hear the quietness that only can be found after a snowfall.

In only a matter of days the creek had frozen solid offering a precarious crossing with a chance of falling through, the ice crackled and moaned with each step but held my weight as I reached the other side.

My guest today was Mario who had never fished Lake Davis in the fall, after averaging 10 fish an hour he understood why I get so excited about this time of year! He was also amazed how many fish he hooked into from this spot without ever having to move or get his feet wet. Water temps ranged from 38-44 degrees and there were many rising trout midging on a nice windless day. 60 fish were touched at least with 50 to the bank. In one word Mario described the fishing; INSANE!

An averaged sized rainbow from today, they were clean, beautiful, and full of fight ranging is size from 17-20". Stomach samples showed many damselfly nymphs, daphnia, and a few crawdads.

It's that time of year when the stove gets put into the pack, a hot meal keeps one warm and focused on the task at hand.

Burnt orange wiggle tails did the damage today as did sheep creek specials and damsel nymph patterns. Shore ice was creeping in on certain banks and some coves were locked in solid. The end is near but for now Lake Davis is very fishable. For those willing to hike 20 minutes, I can guide you to an excellent day of catching big numbers right off the bank!

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