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Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Monday, December 10, 2012

Product Review; FoxFury Headlamps

All headlamps are not created equal, in fact when it came time to choosing one for a climb on Mt. Shasta in Northern California, I opted for the best. To be successful for a summit bid on big peaks a true alpine start is the only way. This start requires the climber to be on the route just after midnight to allow enough time to summit at first light and to get back down before conditions get sketchy with avalanches and rock fall later in the day. Climbing at night is very spooky, it's creepy venturing upwards into the unknown and your headlamp is a key element in your safety. FoxFury makes dozens of models for professionals in all types of occupations, mostly police, fire, and military work. I chose the Performance Outdoor / Work headlamp. It offers 20 LED lights that cast 62.0 Lumen (779 candle power) and a range of 100-150 feet with a generous amount of peripheral vision. Enough to clearly see the route ahead and hidden dangers that other headlamps would miss.

For fly fishing it has become an indispensable tool when doing missions at Eagle lake at O dark-thirty, lighting my way to the bountiful buckets before the other guys are waiting for first light. It's also my best buddy when rigging the boat in the dark and making sure everything is safely in its place. I highly recommend this headlamp and the customer service provided by FoxFury is the very best; They want you safe out there no matter the job! Check out their website here; and look over the complete line.

Don't be stuck with inferior lighting and suffer like a caveman waving a low power torch, Illuminate your next adventure with FoxFury!


  1. I have never seen a headlamp quite like this. I use one from Black Diamond for my morning dawn patrols up Teton Pass before work, but this on looks awesome. Maybe we will be able to add them to PGD.


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