Summer Edition

Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fresh Lake Davis Fishing Report 4/4/2013

What I thought was going to be a very wet and windy day turned out to be quite nice depending on where you located yourself. Dark cloudy skies with intermittent light rain settled onto Lake Davis this morning with air temps in the upper 40’s. Fishing pressure was very light and my guest and I fished Coot Bay with not another angler to be seen. We had great protection from the wind and the bay was one big “soft window”. Water temps were at 48.3 degrees and the lake is definitely up to about 80% of capacity. Most of the fish are ganged up in front of feeder creeks looking to spawn, but many of the east side snow melt creeks are already at a trickle so the trout are unable to swim up them. Grizzly, Snow, and Cow creeks have the best flows. There are two types of behaviors being displayed right now by the fish, full on spawn mode and active feeders taking midges off the surface and below. The only hatch I saw today was a very small black midge in a size 18-20, no signs of blood midge or their shucks from previous days.

The fish are in really good shape running 16-20” and clean. My guest fished “stock” style off the bank with a long leader to 3x on a floating line. Fly color was everything today! I started out tying on the tried and true orange glimmer – Nothing. Red – Nothing. Then I put on a wiggle tail with a bright olive glimmer shuck with a black tail and the trout responded on the first cast with a hook up! I’ll be tying up more of those ones for sure. 13 fish were touched in about 4 hours of fishing with 7 to the bank.

Access? It’s wide open! There is very little snow at all except a few bogs at Jenkins, and Cow which will melt out quickly with this warm rain – Just watch out for muddy areas if you are in a 2 wheel drive vehicle. As I stated before Camp 5 is fully operational with the dock in. The state of the lake is about 3 weeks ahead of a normal year. All we need now is warmer weather to bring the water temps up a bit which will intensify the hatches for more productive fishing. Good luck!

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