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Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Friday, January 17, 2014

Tying The "Skwala Unit" Adult

With the Skwala stonefly hatch in effect on the Lower Yuba River, I would like to share a great new pattern I have been fishing for the last year. A long time guest of mine turned me onto this easy tie, he got it from a guide in Montana by the name of John Cook on the Bitterroot River. 

What caught my eye on this pattern was the extended body, simple to tie, sat flush in the film like the natural, yet was extremely buoyant. I tied dozens of these last year for special orders and the feedback I got back from those anglers using them was eye opening; performing well and catching fish.

The body color of the Lower Yuba Skwala is different than those of other rivers. When first hatched it is a mustard color, then turning to a spicy brown mustard within a few days. After this stone fly has been out flying for a few weeks the body does darken up a wee bit with a subtle olive color to it. Very subtle.

Tie a few of these up to see for yourself, the pattern can be used for other stoneflies by adjusting the size and colors. Durability wise it is not bombproof, and after a dozen fish or so the extended foam body can be tattered and torn. Not to worry though, put it back in the vise and take the material off with a sharp utility blade and start over; recycling the hook.


-Hook; Tiemco 101 or Mustad 94840 #10.
-Thread; Uni 6/0 dark brown.
-Under body: yellow olive vernile wrapped tightly.
-Extended over body: Larva Lace black foam.
-Wing: Spirit River UV2 poly yarn.
-Head: Moose hair tied bullet style.
-Legs: Large round rubber in brown.  
*Note: After tying, treat with Loon Hydrostop.

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