Spring Edition

Spring Edition
Spring Edition

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lower Yuba River Fishing Report 2/24/2015

Like a trout I eased into my prime lie today and got back onto the water sharing the knowledge with my special guests. After being on the 7 Club Tour in Los Angeles (Thanks Jeff Pill!) and the Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show for the past two weeks, today was magic. Being on the water does just that. The Lower Yuba River is in grand shape, flows are at about 725 cfs, and the water has a slight stain to it with about 3 of visibility – Perfect! The weather was warm today, so nice, yet the morning wind had a little bite to it that waned as the day progressed. It was absolutely beautiful out. 

Fishing was decent today, and finally I saw the biggest skwala hatch so far this year. So many bugs you had to be careful where you stepped, they were everywhere. Females with big egg sacks hanging off their butts were so focused on getting to the water and perpetuating the species – All business. Risers were here and there from slow bank water to the faster main flow. One tip I’d like to share is if you do see a rising fish, an active feeder, stop what you’re doing and be aggressive and go hunt that trout down and make your presentation immediately. One of my guests did just that today and got into two fish in a very short time. Some March Brown mayflies were observed as well, but no big numbers yet. I did an entomology sampling today and Baetis nymphs and free living caddis dominated. Spring is definitely here on the valley floor, California poppies are staring in, and the Pipevine Swallowtail butterfly is out, a sure sign of the seasons changing.

Effective flies on the Lower Yuba have been Hogan’s S&M nymphs, and his Red Headed Step Child nymph in sizes 16 and 18 are money. Lance’s X-may #18 has been producing as well. Think small dark and flashy for fly selection sub surface. The Skwala Unit delivered today with no refusals; those trout are looking up in the afternoon for the skwalas and they are definitely keyed in on them.

Lance Gray and I had our first Yuba River Tour today with the San Jose Fly Casters and it was a huge success. We have three more tours scheduled, sessions 2 and 3 are full, but session 4 has three spots remaining (as of 2/26 tour #4 now full!). If you are interested, please contact Lance or myself to book your spot.

The Lower Yuba River, what an awesome place, big water, and the opportunity to hook into some red hot rainbows! Are you ready? Please join me; the goods are waiting for you… 


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