Summer Edition

Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Native Sons Truckee Tour 6/28/15

The CONCEPT---Through many years of guiding fly anglers in the Tahoe-Truckee and Plumas County areas; both Jon Baiocchi and Frank R. Pisciotta have noticed a trend. Many of their experienced fly angling clients visiting for the first time or having previously fished the area expressed an interest in becoming more familiar with the idiosyncrasies of the local “wild trout” fisheries; hoping to minimize their “prospecting” time. They engaged Jon or Frank’s services with their prime focus being an orientation to local waters; being guided and catching trout being secondary.These fly anglers want to be briefed about:
1---Most productive techniques
2---Local bugs and respective fly patterns
3---Seasonally ideal angling times
4---Key access points of selected waters

Jon and Frank are “born & raised” northern Californians with a combined 50 years of guiding fly anglers exclusively on their “home waters” and 90 years of fly fishing. The tour information dispensed is reliable, timely and ingrained from Jon and Frank’s vast experience. Simply, experience does count. They have always tailored guide trips to the specific desires and skills of the individual client and have planned guest’s time accordingly. Hence the genesis of Native Sons Tours; to provide a group of experienced fly rodders a short learning curve and cost-effective investment in their angling time.

The SPECIFICS---The Tour is designed to give fly anglers what they need to know to be successful when venturing onto special regulation sectors of the Big Truckee, from the town of Truckee to Hirschdale, and the Little Truckee below Stampede dam. Tours are limited to six (6). Jon and Frank know they can easily enroll more tour guests, but they want to assure a high quality experience. Fly fishers will learn of access points, equipment, tactics, techniques, flies, entomology, and local inside knowledge. The Tour Packet consists of maps, essays on both waters, and a hatch chart. A bonus is a print-out of the original Truckee & Little Truckee Tips. During the auto tour anglers provide their own transportation. Lunch and drinks are included. After lunch we wader up and split into two fishing groups; similar to a guide trip.
DATES: June 28     
FEE: $200 per Angler
.Contact and Inquiries:
Jon Baiocchi---530.228.0487 |

Frank R. Pisciotta---530.587.7333 |

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