Spring Edition

Spring Edition
Spring Edition

Saturday, August 1, 2015

RIO's Two Tone Tippet Material

Innovation, and the staircase of progression is what I love about RIO Products, the R&D Team is constantly trying new ideas and equipment on the water. Remember the old ads of the past with the dudes in the white lab coats? Yeah, exactly, rocket science. As a RIO ambassador I was sent a collection of their newest videos and was stoked to see the "Two Tone Tippet Material". Right away I knew exactly what I would use this for, that being, the top section of my short line high sticking leaders. The two tones of the colors chartreuse and pink will allow the angler to see the subtle movements when getting a take. When my dad taught me high sticking in the 70's, he always told me to set the hook if the leader stops, twitches, or moves upstream. Back then we just used clear monofilament, and it was so taxing on the eyes, starring at it all day long. Wish we had a little "Two Tone" to help us out, it makes a big difference. 

Check out the video link above, as Simon Gawesworth explains all the really cool things you can do with the tippet material, including the "slinky" indicator pictured above. I'm looking forward to trying this out, especially once we get some water in the Truckee River. Innovation, white lab coats, and fly fishing. That's what RIO is all about.

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