Summer Edition

Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Thursday, December 10, 2015

The El Nino Circus

For those of us who grew up in Northern California, heavy precipitation was a way of life in the wet months. I can remember when I grew up in Paradise, Ca It would rain intensely from September to the month of May every year. This year there has been a lot of hype with El Nino, and the first thing out of my mouth was "I'll believe when I see it." Well let me tell you Nevada City has been rockin with heavy rain all last night. I believe it now, we're finally getting dumped on!

We had a brief break in the morning with on and off light showers, then big amounts of rain, hail, and lightning shows. I'll never complain about the weather again, even if that means I'm stuck inside. Pretty awesome to see it just downpour. I was a little nervous when the hail got to be bigger as I have a partial glass ceiling in my office, plus the sound it was making was like being next to an F-18 Hornet. Absolutely deafening.

I'll be stoked to get out and wet a line in a few days, I've been swamped with writing my book, USFS special use reports, paying all my guide fees for 2016, and other detailed administrative work. I don't think we'll see the Yuba River come up for a while out of Englebright dam, but hey at least Deer Creek is up to 132 cfs instead of 5 cfs. A good little flush is a good thing. More precipitation through Tuesday, get out and play in it, and enjoy.

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