Spring Edition

Spring Edition
Spring Edition

Monday, November 21, 2016

Mastering The Dry Fly ~ A Visual Experience

I just completed a very detailed new PowerPoint program titled "Mastering The Dry Fly - A Visual Experience". It's the best program I've created yet, and I'm excited to share it. In the program I start with a brief history of the dry fly, presentations from simple to complex, different water structure and the hidden areas that are best for the dry fly, rise form identification, tips & tricks, and my favorite patterns for eager to educated trout.

I've also included detailed animated slides that give the audience an even clearer understanding of the topic at hand. Step by step, the animated creations explain the exact approach, and solutions for many dry fly puzzles. If you would like to see this amazing presentation talk to your fly fishing club's program director and get me on the calendar for 2017.

So far my 2017 presentation schedule is; 

My presentation appearances are listed below, note the number preceding the club is the number of times I have spoken there.

-Aguabonita Fly Fishers (1)
-Amador Fly Fishers (3)
-California Fly Fishers Unlimited (2)
-Carson Fly Fishing Club (2)
-Chico Area Fly Fishers (2)
-Deep Creek Fly Fishers Club (1)
-Delta Fly Fishers (2)
-E.C. Powell Fly Fisher’s Club (1)
-Flycasters of San Jose (1)
-Fly Fishers of Davis (1)
-Fly Fishing Club of Orange County (1)
-Gold Country Fly Fisher’s Club (3)
-Golden State Flycasters (1)
-Granite Bay Flycasters (1)
-Grizzly Peak Fly Fishers Club (2)
-High Sierra Fly Casters (2)
-ISE Sacramento, 2016 (1)
-Kern River Fly Fishers (1)
-Kienes Fly Fishing Expo (1)
-Lincoln Hills Fishing Club (1)
-Napa Valley Fly Fishers Club (2)
-NCCFFF Festival of Fly Fishing (1)
-Pasadena Casting Club (1)
-Peninsula Fly Fishers Club (3)
-Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show (2)
-Reel Anglers Fly Shop (3)
-Reno Fly Shop (5)
-Russian River Fly Fishers (3)
-Santa Barbara Fly Fishers (1)
-Santa Cruz Fly Fishermen (2)
-Sespe Fly Fishers (1)
-Shasta Trinity Fly Fishers (2)
-Sierra Pacific Fly Fisher (1)
-Stanislaus Fly Fishers (3)
-Tahoe Truckee Fly Fisher’s Club (4)
-Tri-Valley Fly Fishers (2)
-Trout Unlimited Feather River Chapter (2)
-Tracy Fly Fishers (1)
-Wilderness Fly Fishers (1)

If you're interested in setting up a date, you can contact me at 530.228.0487, or emailing me at baiocchistroutfitters@yahoo.com

Sharing the knowledge, and my passion for fly fishing to you is very important to me, I hope you have a chance to see "Mastering The Dry Fly - A Visual Experience".

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