Summer Edition

Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Friday, January 27, 2017

Lower Yuba River Update 1/27/2017

I went down to the river today to poke around and it's still flowing good at 5,150 cubes and water clarity is poor and brown in color. Many of the new side channels are just a trickle, so when the flows drop even more they will be non existent. Still curious to see the topography of the bottom once the river drops and the water clears up. It will be very interesting to say the least. 

The two pictures above are of Long Island, the top photo is from two years ago and the bottom photo is from today. You'll notice that the top of Long Island has washed away a lot of cobble stones and willows. On the far bank down near the tailings a tree has been washed away, and you'll notice that the tailings themselves have changed. I looked for skwala adults today and found none. I did see a few BWO spinners fluttering in the wind. It will take a while but the aquatic insects will come back.

I'm going to wet a line before the next storm system comes in on Wednesday. I'll be using streamer tactics with an all black bunny leech I call "Darth". As for the storm, we can expect a good amount of precipitation into the weekend of the 11th. 2-3 feet of snow is expected on the crest as of now, forecast models could change either way by next Tuesday. See you on the water...

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