Summer Edition

Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Thursday, March 23, 2017

2017 Fly Fishing Workshops, Tours, Outings, and Clinics

For 2017, the schedule is nearly full for some exciting educational events that center on learning about specific techniques for being more successful on the water. Many of these events are a collaboration with Baiocchi's Troutfitters, and Reno Fly Fishing Outfitters, along with Lance Gray & Company. Besides learning a great deal of information, you'll receive different opinions on the same subject from the different guides involved. Though many of these workshops, tours, outings, and clinics are months away, it is imperative to book your spot early, as they fill up quickly.

The Yuba Tour

For each unique individual tour, you will be showed access points, techniques, tactics, effective flies, rigging, and a streamside lunch. Includes handouts and group guiding on the water. To secure your spot contact Lance Gray at:

-Yuba Tour 3/29, Booked.
-Yuba Tour 3/30, Booked.
-Graeagle Creek Tour 7/17, 2 spots open.

The Lake Davis Outing

Our highly popular outings are more than just a clinic, you'll gain a great deal of knowledge on a particular curriculum like stillwaters or rivers, in a social setting with other enthusiastic fly anglers. Lunch and dinner is included, a limited amount of terminal tackle and flies, handouts, and guiding while on the water. For more information click HERE To reserve your spot, email me at

Lake Davis Outing Session 1 6/9-11, 4 spots open.
Lake Davis Outing Session 2 6/16-18, 3 spots open.

Entomology Workshop:
This summer I’m offering basic “on site” entomology classes that will shorten the learning curve for students and help them make accurate identifications while on the water. Understanding trout food will bring more success to any angler, and broaden their horizon to the fascinating world under the currents. For details on the entomology workshop, click HERE To reserve your spot, please email me at

Entomology Workshop 1 7/22, 3 spots open.
Entomology Workshop 2 8/5, 6 spots open.

Pontoon Workshop:
The Pontoon Workshop is much more than a guided fishing trip. As always we go above and beyond with the workshop curriculum. The workshop covers water safety, reading water, recognizing water hazards, ferrying across the river, back and front rowing, and pivoting with a combination of oar strokes to maximum learning time, and to give the students the confidence for a great drift down the river. Pontoon boats allow fly anglers to navigate to different access areas that are unreachable by wading, especially during higher flows. Handouts and a streamside lunch included. To reserve your spot, contact Lance at 

Pontoon Workshop 4/28, Booked.
Pontoon Workshop 5/21, 4 open, 4 Booked.

Streamer & Nymphing Workshop:
Streamer fishing is a collective technique incorporating all others; the technique uses dead drift, swing and stripping tactics that are intermingled to anger big fish into striking. It’s a true art that once mastered – provides another effective tool for any intermediate angler. The Truckee River will be our classroom for this one day hands on school. Handouts and a streamside lunch included. For more information click HERE

Streamer Workshop 9/16, 8 spots open.

This course is set around nymphing rods, lines and leaders. We instruct the student on set ups and how to pick the proper setup for the fishing situation. We also focus on reading water and wading into proper casting position. We concentrate on two different types of nymphing, tight line and dead drift. Both are equally effective – but both have their place in your fly fishing tactic tool bag. The school is kept small with 6-8 students and two instructors. This workshop is for the intermediate angler. The Truckee River will be our classroom for this one day hands on school. Handouts and a streamside lunch included. For the details, click HERE

Nymphing Workshop 9/15, 8 spots open.

To book your spot for the streamer or nymphing workshop, contact Lance at

Join us for a great day on the water and increase your skill set while having fun!

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