Spring Edition

Spring Edition
Spring Edition

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Simms G3 Guide Vest Product Reveiw

I'm from the old school of fly fishing where using a vest was the norm, I grew up with them, and all of them have served me well. Today's world offers so many different options for carrying the essentials for fly fishing. I sometimes use a sling pack when minimal gear is required and I'm fishing solo. To be honest, I'm still not use to it, it feels foreign to me. As a 20 year veteran guide I carry it all when I'm out with my guests on the water, I'm fully stocked and prepared for any breakdown or equipment needs that may arise. I'm often teased that I carry too much, but in reality my job is no different than being a sherpa on big Himalayan peak, I must be ready to deliver the goods at any cost so we can reach the summit no matter the situation.

I just retired my Simms Guide vest so a friend who recently had his vest stolen could benefit. I've use it for 10 years with an average of 250 days on the water. That's over 2,500 days. The only damage to the vest was from the effects of UV rays from our friend the sun. The outer material of top individual pockets on the back rotted away, as well as the collar. That's it. Every zippered pocket, or velcro pocket is still working like it's new. The retractors are still functional with no cracks in the coiled vinyl. No tears or rips of the outer material after years of abuse. I'm really hard on gear, mostly because I venture where the wild things are, way off the beaten path. The Simms guide vest has proven to be bomb proof.

So with a new Simms G3 vest to switch over to, I'd like to list the great functions it provides, afterall its proven track record speaks volumes, and I need to look no further for my fly fishing on stream storage needs.

This multitasking superhero outperforms them all, with more than 20 intuitively placed pockets that maintain everything from flies and fly boxes to split-shot, licenses, cell phones, spools, leaders, and more always at the ready. Its breathable, padded collar and stretch fabric shoulders help disperse the load, while keeping you cool and comfortable during high-exertion days on the water.

  • 22 pockets: 4 patent-pending molded foam pockets on chest front, 6 bellowed pockets, 2 Thermolaminated zippered pockets, 2 vertical/4 horizontal interior pockets, 2 large horizontal pockets, 1 split back pocket, 1 bellowed back cargo pocket.
  • 100% non-corrosive zippers and sliders.
  • 2 patented built-in retractors with magnetic docking station.
  • Breathable padded collar & stretch fabric shoulders.
  • 100% Nylon woven fabric with DuPont™ Teflon® finish and 100% polyester mesh lining.
  • Approximate weight: 25 oz.

  • The little parts all add up for the complete package - zippers, metal buttons and snaps, and Nylon buckles - all earn the YKK® brand. The big difference begins with their obsession to ensure that every individual component renders maximum value to the finished whole. That commitment instills quality and value into every product. Simms utilizes fasteners built to withstand the harshest environments and YKK® provides the best solutions to meet those needs. All Simms outerwear features nylon YKK® zippers to minimize corrosion and provide high performing, durable wear.

    Also included is the durable DuPont™ Teflon® water and stain-repellent, for superior comfort and performance in all weather conditions that range from balmy to abysmal.

    My personal rating of this product is a 10, there is no other vest finer than the Simms G3 Guide Vest. Visit your authorized Simms dealer to check it out. You will not be disappointed.

    "The Umpire Run" on the Little Truckee River. Photo by Frank Pisciotta of Thy Rod & Staff Guide Service

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