Fall Edition

Fall Edition
Fall Edition

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

American Fly Fishing Magazine ~ Lake Davis Article.


American Fly Fishing combines the former regional titles into a single powerhouse magazine. In 1999,  Northwest Fly Fishing was launched, followed by Southwest Fly Fishing and Eastern Fly Fishing. For more than 20 years, readers have relied on the super informative destination reporting to plan angling adventures near and far, and American Fly Fishing is the culmination of that tradition, a veritable guidebook to outstanding fisheries throughout North America. They basically shorten the learning curve and research needed for such trips.

I have written for Northwest Fly Fishing in the past with a really cool article on Eagle Lake, and will be submitting new articles to American Fly Fishing in the future. I'm looking forward to these upcoming projects. It's a very well done magazine with exceptional journalism. Do yourself a favor and get a print and digital subscription for $39.95 here:

The current September/October issue features a touching and informative article on Lake Davis written by Jody Martin, which I helped out with serving as a technical advisor for, and contributing my fish eye GoPro pictures. It turned out really well and I'm extremely flattered to have been asked to be involved with the project. For more information on American Fly Fishing Magazine go here: 

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