Summer Edition

Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tying The All Rounder Schlappen Nymph

I came up with this nymph as I was not happy with how delicate fibers from a pheasant tail were. On my tying bench laid a bunch of semi used Jay Fair Schlappen hackle and one thing led to another. With just one single feather I can tie a dozen nymphs. For the tail I use the fibers on the tip, for the wing case and legs I use the middle portion of the hackle, and for a dubbed body I use the webby fibers on the bottom of the hackle. The coolest thing about using Schlappen hackle is the movement The fly has under water - It's alive! So many commercial patterns are rigid like sticks when fished, but not this one. Give the Schlappen nymph a try and see if your catch rates improve. When Blue Wing Olive mayflies are active, this little fly has your back!


-Tiemco 3761 Size 16.
-8/0 Uni thread in Olive.
-Body; Jay Fair Schlappen hackle in Brown/Olive.
-Ribbing; thread.
-Tail; Jay Fair Schlappen hackle in Brown/Olive.
-Wing case and legs; Jay Fair Schlappen hackle in Brown/Olive.
-Flashback; Jay Fair Copper Flash.
-Bead; Gold or Copper (Optional)

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