Summer Edition

Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fishing Report - Lake Davis

I took my Dad out for a few hours to troll the shallows and drop offs. It was a cloudy day with a few threatening clouds and a couple drops of rain. Not too much wind as well, just enough to put a ripple on the water. There are many rising fish off Jenkins in deeper water midging on the blood midge and the little green midge. Long leaders and a zebra midge with no indicator worked well for a few anglers I saw.
There are some damsels out, but I would rate the hatch as very light. Fish are starting to work the skinny water next to the shore, but again not the amount of players I would like to see. So we have 5-6 feet of "new" water and this makes the shallows now not very fertile. I know there are damsels in the deeper water's weed beds - But they still have to come to shore to hatch! I would like to think that the coming weeks will show more damsels - Only time will tell.

We trolled 3 feet down with full dressed damsels, 11 fish to the boat "14-18". We missed many more. I would rate the lake right now as good and improving. It's just great to be out on Lake Davis. The sheer beauty of the place, the birding, and the bugging makes this lake so intriguing! Until next time..........

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