Summer Edition

Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Friday, June 25, 2010

Tying The "Never Sink" Hex Cripple

The Hex hatch is a must experience for any fly angler. These Mayflies are the largest to hatch in North America, and in Northern California we are lucky to have a few hot spots to find them - Lake Almanor, and the Fall River. I came up with this pattern after many store bought patterns failed to float for hours, this fly will never sink and holds up well after many fish have chewed on it. I chose the cripple because for whatever reason trout know that a cripple is helpless and easy prey. With so many natural adults on the water after the emergence at sunset, it helps to offer the fish something different, yet something they are accustomed to seeing.

The key to this bug is the hard marine foam that is glued on the back of the fly after it is done. I use super glue gel. Another thing a tier can do is painting the foam with some glow in the dark paint. Even in the dark the fish are still chomping away but with the help of your head lamp, this fly glows and gives the fly angler a huge advantage of seeing their bug and hearing the take, when the glow is gone it's time to set the hook and hang on! I use this foam for smaller dries, floating snails, and indicators - Use your imagination and see what you can do with this highly buoyant foam.

-#6-8 dry fly hook, I like the mustad stinger.
-Camel 6/0 thread.
-Brown marabou for the trailing shuck.
-Yellow stretchy foam cross ribbed with thread for durability.
-Grizzly and yellow dry fly hackle for the legs.
-Yellow deer hair for the wing.
-Hard marine foam, shaped and cut flat on the bottom.

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