Spring Edition

Spring Edition
Spring Edition

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lake Davis Report 5/22

The west side road is open!  Patches of snow, mud, and fallen timber mat be encountered on access roads to the lake.

The ramp is in the water at Camp 5 boat ramp,  It is amazing how much water has come into the lake this  year.  The handicap fishing area is under water!

Run off from snow melt is still going strong, Dan Blough creek is fed from the Smith Peak water shed where there is still a large amount of snow.

Water temps are running 56- 59 degrees, water clarity is an issue and some areas of the lake are far clearer than others.  Fish are scattered due to the increase of the lake level searching for food.  Concentrations of fish have been found at the north end of the lake, Freeman Creek, and the first and second ledge off Cow Creek.  If you see rising fish by all means approach them slowly and quietly, present your fly to these active pods of feeding fish for best results.  Hatches are sparse but will be increasing as long as we get some warm weather in multiple days.  Hot flies at the moment are Blood Midge pupa #10-12, Coco Midge pupa #18, Sheeps creek #10, and Jay Fair wiggle tails in Brown and Olive #10.  Both floating and Int. lines have been effective as the levels of fish holding is from the top to the bottom of the column.   

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