Spring Edition

Spring Edition
Spring Edition

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Product Review, Korkers "Darkness" Boot

I've been using Korkers older boot, the Eco model for a few years now.  I was impressed with the overall durability and the option of running different soles for different conditions.  There were a few things I did not like about boot though, like the Velcro tab on the rear of the boot that held on the interchangeable soles.  The tag end of the tab would catch my fly line at the most inconvenient moment.  But then came their flag ship fishing boot - "Chrome" and fishing footwear changed forever, and the the few bugs the previous boot had was addressed and fixed.  The "Darkness" boot is basically the same boot but in another color, bad ass black.  This boot was offered as a limited edition to industry friends of Korkers and I was lucky enough to be able to get a pair.

Their patented Omni-Trax Interchangeable Outsoles adapt your traction needs to meet changing terrain and river conditions. The Darkness and Chrome models includes Kling-On Rubber AND Studded Felt outsoles. The sleek, raft-like waterproof material reduces water absorption thus reducing drying time. These features contribute to Darkness' ability to help prevent the spread of invasive species. The low profile BOA speed lacing system easily adjusts with a turn of the dial both in and out of the water.  In my opinion BOA should be on all quality footwear, you can micro adjust the fit for any conditions.  Need more ankle support over a loose wobbly garden of granite polished boulders?  Just turn the the dial a few clicks and your there.  Feet tired at lunch time?  Just pull the dial and loosen the boot to let those toes wiggle and be free over their synthetic sarcophagus.

This is an extremely lightweight wading boot with integrated midsole drainage providing the most comfortable wading boot on the market.  I'm so pumped on this boot, only time will tell if it can take the abuse that Jonny B. will provide.  Be sure and check out the Korkers "Chrome" at your favorite family owned fly shop, try a pair on, and I'll bet good money you'll look no further.  For more info on Korkers products visit them at;   http://www.korkers.com/

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