Summer Edition

Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fishing Report - Middle Fork Feather River

At last, the river is finally in shape, so green, and so beautiful!  Perfect flows from Clio down to Two Rivers and the bugs are poppin.  From Two Rivers down the flows remain a bit high due to the inflow of Jamison Creek but very fishable.  There is the start of a BWO hatch in the morning and we can expect a spinner fall to happen in the late mornings for the next few weeks.  PMD's are out though sparse, and I saw my first golden stone adult today.  There is also a mix of caddis out - I have yet to fish the late evening but will report when I do.   Water temps are running 58-63 degrees in the Graeagle reach, expect just a few degrees cooler below Jamison.

I'd like to point out how a patch of foam is "home" to the trout in the river.  This foam gives stellar coverage for the fish and pulls in and traps all types of aquatic insects.  I had fun with this patch draggin caddis patterns across the top, 7 small rainbows came out of here.  Effective flies for high sticking today was a #6 Golden Stone nymph with a #16 BH pheasant tail flash back.  The most effective dry today was a #12 X-Caddis with a cream shuck and a brown body.  Fishing pressure is on the light side and if you don't like company just walk upstream or downstream of the access areas.  Come on up, It's time to fish the Wild & Scenic Middle Fork Feather River!

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