Summer Edition

Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lake Davis Report - Guess Who Showed Up To The Party After All!

Friends and fans of Lake Davis, The damsels have kicked it into high gear as I experienced a fantastic damsel hatch today with my long time clients Don, Gary, and Craig!  We were in the north part of the lake, and at first there were no damsels to be seen so a polliwog pattern (good ol Jay Fair wiggle tail) was the answer to some fish.  I have been observing the rainbows eating them in 2-3 feet of water - The takes are fierce!  I started to see fresh flyer's (damsels) at around 9am.
Stillborns and cripples enticed a few fish that came into a foot of water, it was a bone fishing/sight fishing kind of day.  Because of the high water the damsels can hatch anywhere, we the found the best hatch on a large bed of floating weeds, pollen, and bird feathers.  And then the mighty one flipped the switch off, the bugs stopped, and fish went on their way.  We had a smile from ear to ear as this was an encouraging day after trying to learn a new lake all over again from 35" of precip that hammered the land this winter and spring.  Surface water temps ran 62-69 with the latter being in 1-2 feet of water.

Who knows how long the hatch will last ...But I'm going to get my share of it until it becomes to hot for the fish to be released safely.  I can't fricken believe today - It was so good to see our friend the damsel make an appearance at our favorite party.

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