Spring Edition

Spring Edition
Spring Edition

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

MFFR Fishing Report

The Middle Fork Feather River is in great shape for trout fishing from Clio all the way down to the wild zone.  I guided Matthew in the Graeagle area yesterday and the water temps ranged from 63-66 degrees from 9am to 1pm.  The upper section of the river above Two Rivers is stabilizing into the normal summer time flows but as the weeks progress we will see warmer water temps.  The fish will seek out feeder creeks, and shady areas traveling many miles to seek out cooler water temps and the perfect home.  There are so many bugs out right from dawn until dusk.  Mornings are showing a BWO spinnerfall (size 18), mixed in with caddis (sizes 12-18), and my favorite summer time hatch the little green stonefly.  This stoner should not be confused with the yellow sally stonefly, it is a special stonefly in that it hatches mid stream and does not crawl on a rock to split it's exoskeleton.  They are a size 12 with a lime green body and clear wings, the most effective way to fish this hatch is with the nymph.  Evenings are producing hatches of yellow sallies (size 16), caddis as mentioned above, and a few golden stone adults (size 6) ovipositing.

Matthew displaying a typical wild rainbow from the MFFR, this was his first time fishing a river and learning the varied methods that catch trout.  He's a real troutstalker when it comes to stillwaters as he caught and released a 4 pound brown out of the Graeagle mill pond on Sunday!  He did well yesterday with a hopper and a caddis emerger dropper, stripping a black wooley bugger, and high stick nymphing with the little green stonefly.  The river is going to fish well mornings and evenings all the way to the fall season.  Summer is fading fast so come on up and enjoy a beautiful day on the MFFR! 

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