Summer Edition

Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lake Davis News Flash! The Fall Bite Is On!

After getting two good reports from my friend Pete, I headed up to the lake to find out for myself.  It's been a while since I've taken my heeler Madison up for some fun.  He loves this lake more than anything else (except beef), so without him knowing I loaded the truck up and we were gone.  After the first cattle guard crossing he knew all to damn well where we were going!  I fished the Cow Creek area and there was not a soul in sight, bliss silence, and not a puff of wind - Complete glass.  I just walked the bank and looked for risers, and there was plenty of targets.  The rainbows would be in pods and singles just cruising around in 3-8 feet of water down the shoreline.  The surface water temps at 10am were 61.2 and by noon were at 65.5.  Calibaetis mayflies #16 were present in both duns and spinners.  Blood midge #14 were hatching as was a #18 tan midge.

 I fished the dry today, a #14 blood midge emerger that floats well, yet sits flush in the film.  I hooked 6 fish, and missed 2.  It was fun fishing today, working to a single fish until you got a take.  All my fish were clean today with lots of color ranging from 16-19".  They are red hot torpedo's when hooked, blistering runs like days of old!  I'm finding cleaner fish in the skinny water and fish with parasites out in deeper open water - ?  From here on out till the lake ices over there will be some incredible fishing!  Look for the peak to be around the last week of Oct.  I hope many of you can get out and take advantage of the fall fishing here at Lake Davis - It's special.

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