Spring Edition

Spring Edition
Spring Edition

Monday, October 10, 2011

Lake Davis Fishing Report - Big Changes!

I went up to the lake yesterday to check conditions after last weeks snow storm, I was greeted by 26 degree temps and freezing fog on the water.  The roads are fine and all the snow is gone.  I fished Cow south and got to my favorite point.  Water temps at 8:30am were 50.3 degrees rising to 55.6 by 1pm.  No bug activity, and very few risers.  The pods of rainbows I had been fishing to using the dry, are gone.  Fished a Sheep Creek special in a size 10 for an hour and not a bump.

Madison soaked in the warmth of the sun but was not pleased by my lack of catching.  He reminded me that after the first rain the fish smell that new sweet water and like to gang up in the north end of the lake - We were gone!

I did more scouting today than fishing, and the fish are on the move after the storm.  I C&R 4 rainbows in 25 minutes on the Sheep Creek special.  fish ranged from 16-17 inches and were clean - No parasites.  Give the fish a week or so to adapt to the new water temps and the fishing will only improve.  I was going to fish today but this surprise rain storm halted my trip, but there are many days left to get out there and touch a few fish.

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