Spring Edition

Spring Edition
Spring Edition

Monday, October 24, 2011

Sight Fishing Season Is Open At Lake Davis!

The fishing at Lake Davis is getting ready to peak, and with this cherry weather we've been having it does not get any better!  It's so good that in the last week the fish are foraging in ankle deep water as they hunt the shoreline for an unlucky crawdad.  You can actually "see" the fish move right in front of you, and your fly has got to hit on the head as their vision is so short and narrow in 6" of water.   Keys to successful sight fishing is keeping the sun at your back, staying low, and as little movement as possible.  The fall sun is so productive for this kind of fishing, it is lower in the sky and illuminates the side of the fish like a neon sign.

Quiet coves like this one above have been the most productive, it pays to watch the shoreline closely for rising fish.  The trout are now getting active in the middle of the day, I saw my first riser at 10:30am.  I C&R 5 trout today, and 4 of them were sight fished to - To see the take 10 feet in front of you is such a rush!

The color of the fish this fall are the best I've seen in a number of years!  Today they liked the Sheep Creek special in a #10.

I love driving up to the lake in fall and being greeted by this old growth stand of aspens.  The glow they radiate is awesome.  The leaves are starting to fall and these colors will be gone soon - Get it while you can!

Another rare find on the banks of Grizzly Creek, a beautiful little member of the harebell family, called Calico Flower, or Downingia.


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