Spring Edition

Spring Edition
Spring Edition

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Angry Trout

I'm back from my last trip to Eagle Lake for 2011, normally I fish the closure on December 31st but this year I can't make it.  The Eagle Laker's behavior this fall/winter has been strange, not many rise forms in the skinny water and most the time they sit on the first ledge waiting to come in and feed.  In fact my colleagues and I are wondering just what the hell is going on.  My first inclination is that we have had a high pressure dominating the atmosphere, very little rain, and an east wind most of the time for months.  There is plenty of food in the shallows and the scuds have come back after some bleak years due to the lake's falling water level.  When the trout have come in to feed in the shallows it is only for a short time.  Some days have been good, and some not.  My best day was last Tuesday the 27th, 10 fish hooked, 9 landed - The morning bite that day was great!  Many of the fish I caught were quite large this late season, so clean and beautiful.  I like to think of them as fresh water tunas!

The Eagle Lake rainbow in an angry trout.  When they see your fly there is no hesitation on their part, they want it, they grab it and you've got a hook up.  Lake Davis fish can get picky and shy but not the Eagle Laker.  If your fishing Eagle Lake and are not getting hook ups, it's a sure bet that the fish are not there.  If they are there you will get hook ups, bumps, and takes.  My advice is to move to another spot if no action takes place in 20 minutes of fishing.  When fighting an Eagle Laker you've got your hands full, angry pissed offed trout do not come in easily!

These trout are angry because the powers that be are draining the lake for a handful of cattle ranchers.  It's hard to imagine that any government agency would let this happen to a special species of trout that cannot be found anywhere else on the planet.  1.5 million gallons?  Are you kidding me?  I smell a big pile of BS!  For more information on the Bly Tunnel and how you can get involved please visit Val Aubrey's site; http://eaglelakefishing.net/index.php  After a very cold late season I'm looking forward to t-shirt weather in the late spring and rise forms at my feet!

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