Summer Edition

Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Eagle Lake Report - The Wrath of Freezing Fog!

First off the straight scoop.  After a slow November the trend has creeped into December.  With not very many fish actively working the shallows, bank fishing has been slow.  Water temps are running 34.5 to 40 degrees.  Fish that have been caught have been perfect specimens running 2.5-4 pounds.  Not many chubs around but stomach contents revealed scuds.  Effective flies were brown/olive scuds #12, and Jay Fair wiggle tails in dark fiery cinnamon.  The trout are really battling hard and I suggest using 3x tippet, 2x if your are stripping a chub.  Air temps are running around 15 degrees to high 30's / low 40's, expect freezing fog in the mornings - Any amount of wind will only make it colder.  Bank fishing should pick up once the full moon phase passes.  There is a new ramp on the west side of the south marina just past the general store and the breaker wall.  There is no dock, and it's prone to wind but it drops off quickly into deep water. 

On Thursday we fished late from 12-3pm.  Right away I had two fish.  The wind was right in our face but that's why a 7wt is the rod of choice here.  Tony hooked one and we kept casting but never got another bump.



Friday morning brought the dreaded death fog - It's beyond cold.  Even the smallest of fire can bring relief.

We burned what we could find but the rocky points don't have much, a dead duck gave the fire a little fat to juice it up a bit.  I'm bringing out some oak and pitch wood next time!


Once the fog starts lifting and the sun pierces through the cold you can instantly feel the warmth, and the ice in your guides begin to soften.  This makes so happy!

Saturday brought the same conditions as Friday but with no wind.  It was perfect conditions for large rainbows to come in and sip in the skinny water, but only a few showed themselves.

These are the remains of a native American fish camp.  Back in the day the natives would build rock circles about three feet high, then lay pine branches over the top much like a tee pee for shelter.  The pile of rocks in the lower center of the picture is the oven they used to cook meals.  The history of this lake is just as amazing as the fishing there.

The best news from the whole trip was that the scuds have increased their populations in the shallows!  Many areas were infested with scuds.  I'm heading back up next Friday so I'll let you all know how it goes this time around.  I know one thing...It's gonna be cold!

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