Fall Edition

Fall Edition
Fall Edition

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New: Now Offering Lower Yuba River Guide Trips!

The Lower Yuba River is a must fly fishing experience; it's a river that has all the essential qualities that makes it a "must fish" destination spot. This river is a tail water fishery that provides cold water year round and supports a healthy population of steelhead, Chinook salmon, rainbow and the occasional brown trout. Aquatic insects flourish here as well with prolific hatches of pale morning dun and march brown mayflies, caddisflies, and the skwala stonefly just to name a few. The Lower Yuba offers anglers many different fishing opportunities to choose from but the highlight is the winter dry fly fishing where hunting heads and technical presentations reward the angler. 

Jon Baiocchi and Keith Scott will be your guides on the Lower Yuba River offering a cornucopia of instruction and usable information to anglers who seek to learn more about this magnificent fishery. Keith will be manning the oars and drifting anglers down this scenic and productive float, while Jon will be sharing his many years of expertise on stalking trout from the bank with anglers who feel the need for a good hunt. 
Keith Scott is a master and veteran guide on the Lower Yuba with hundreds of days under his belt. He provides the very best in drift boat fishing knowing where the fish are and what sections of the river is producing the best hatches. When the river is running high and deemed unfishable by many, Keith finds a way to catch trout on the dry fly. Drift boat trips run by Keith will be $325, no lunch, no tackle, and all business when it comes to getting clients into fish.

Jon will offer his walk and wade trips at his regular pricing for half and full days providing all the terminal tackle, drinks, snack, and lunches. Jon and Keith are excited to be networking with each other and to be able to provide the very best fly fishing experience for anglers on the Lower Yuba River. We offer guiding all year round!

To book your trip and reserve  a date follow the link;

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