Spring Edition

Spring Edition
Spring Edition

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tying the KGB Caddis Emerger

In 1995 I began a yearly pilgrimage that lasted 10 years to the Madison River in Montana with my dad. He began his own in the early 70's and shared all of his favorite haunts in the area with me. During our first year we were introduced to Dom's Fly; the Serendipity. The pattern back then was so ridiculously easy to tie yet so effective whether it was short line high sticking or swung through the riffles. It was one of those flies you always went to in a tough situation for you knew it was going to preform well. 

A few years later I met the inventor of the Serendipity on the banks of the Fall river in Northern California through a mutual friend. Dominic Traverso chuckled when I brought up his simple fly, then showed me his latest series from his bench. His new flies sparked some wild ideas in my brain and the following summer when it was time for our annual Madison River trip I created the KGB Caddis Emerger. This fly has kicked ass from Montana to Colorado, and back home in the Northern Sierra. One key trigger that the fish see and react to is the rainbow 3D flash loop wing. 

My latest version has incorporated the use of Spirit River's UV2 materials which has made this fly even more deadly than before. The black bead is a new addition as well making this fly a perfect match when dropping it off a Hopper pattern or a Stimulator as it cuts below the surface film right in the strike zone. Tie a few of these up and see for yourself just how effective this killer green bug is! You can adjust the color of the body and wing, plus tie it in different sizes to match the specific caddis hatch your fishing. Thanks for the insight Dom!  

-Hook: Tiemco 2457 #12-20.
-Bead: black, diameter to match hook size.
-Thread: Olive or color to match Uni Thread 6/0 to 8/0 depending on the size.
-Body: Olive Midge Lace or color to match.
-Wing: Dun colored UV2 sparkle yarn.
-Top Wing: Rainbow 3D flash tied in loop style.
-Thorax: UV2 Peacock Herl.

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