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Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fall Magic Continues at Lake Davis

When I walk the rich shoreline of Lake Davis in fall I’m a bit over whelmed at the heart stopping sights and sounds that wrap around my body and over take my soul. It’s one of the finest pleasures I have ever experienced since being on this big blue marble. Diving ducks chirping away, glassy water, and rise forms in the distance. You think to yourself at times and ask “Did time stop?" “Is this for real?" When I’m in the thick of it I have to pinch myself and focus at the task at hand. Sometimes it doesn't happen. I’m known at times to be quite content sitting on a grassy bank and studying a promising shallow water flat of weed beds and active feeding rainbows and their behavior. An awakening. 

The last week brought a small cold front through the area and the next two days after fishing was a little off for many but not all anglers. Even with a North wind on the 15th I was able to get my guests into a small wind break that offered a soft window of water and rising trout. Sight fishing and casting to targets in shallow water is the most exciting thing you can do with a fly rod, it’s a must experience and a complex craft that should be learned by all still water fly anglers. 

I was finally able to share my still water passion with the “Da Dean” of guides, Frank R. Pisciotta of the legendary Thy Rod & Staff guide service in Truckee, Ca. on the 17th with his buddy Steve from Carson City, Nv. It was a windless and warm day once the chilly 28 degree morning passed with at times just a ripple of a breeze on certain sections of your established cove. It was perfect. Targets and large rainbows were very close at times, up to 10 feet away.  The takes were subtle that day and pinpoint casting accuracy with a good clue on which direction the fish was traveling was the key to success. As a spotter it’s so much fun to locate a riser, track it, and direct my guest into the perfect cast that gets the grab.  At times you celebrate like your favorite team won the World Series! So rewarding….so memorable – the best!

It was great to see friends out on the water like Mario and Mike. An honest  hand shake, a laugh or two, and a few looks at some proto flies, and some large trout to hand. What it’s really all about.

So what’s the latest on the lake? Water temps are just a tad cooler than my last post, 45-53 from morning to afternoon. Fish are still a bit scattered and many not leaving their weed beds on the west shore from Jenkins to Cow Creek. The North end of the lake has had a steady increase in some very big pods moving around and if you are able to cover water effectively like a technician you can achieve some great fishing. New trout are showing up in small numbers everyday but nowhere near any sort of a dense population and silly stupid big number days yet. Stomach samplings have shown small scuds size 20 in a light to medium olive in large amounts. I've even noticed them on my waders after a few skinny water sessions. Small mixed chironomids size 24 – 16, size 12 red flying ants, and backswimmers rounded out the sampling.

Since we’re speaking trout food at Lake Davis look at this rare find, a freshly hatched Hexagenia October dun! Does this bug want me or what? Great…..Haunted by the Hex.

So getting back to fishing, all styles are working well. The personal water craft with 2 rigged rods consisting of a floating and clear camo intermediate line is your best approach. Cover water. Flies this week that produced were many from first hand reports from other anglers, the trout are hungry, aggressive, and getting dumber by the day – so many patterns producing. For me and my guests the UV2 Sheep Creek Special on the short scud hook has caught 70 percent of the fish in shallow water, while burnt orange, brown, and rust wiggle tails and leech patterns have accounted for the rest. Finding the fish and making smart presentations are more important than the pattern right now. Black, burnt orange, and hot orange has been extremely good the last 5 days. Vary your retrieves from slow to fast until you find the combination that gets the take. Check your fly on every presentation for weeds, coot activity has been extremely high and there is many floating weeds and grass to get hung up on. Be smart out there and willing to adapt to changing conditions. 

More fabulous weather in the forecast for the next week. Fall colors, big trout, and special memories await you at Lake Davis and many other Sierra waters. Consume…


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