Summer Edition

Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Product Review - Jay Fair Swimming Hackle

I've been using Jay Fair's legendary fly tying materials for the last 15 years with outstanding results in all my moving and still water flies. His "short shuck" crystal chenille and premium marabou is unequaled, and the colors he comes up with are so unique, yet so productive. Jay and I go way back from my humble beginnings on the shores of Eagle Lake. He could see the excitement and passion in my eyes and took me under his wing and shared everything I wanted to know about trout, flies, and techniques. It's his enthusiasm to see others do well when fishing that is so golden and genuine. His approach to tying materials is no different.

I talked with Jay this summer and he insisted I try his new swimming hackle. After receiving his sample packet in the mail with a hand written letter I immediately tied a few wiggle tails to test in the dunk tank. I was impressed to say the least. Check out the short clip below, Jay's new material is so buggy and alive!

The Swimming Hackle comes in three different sizes; micro, medium, and long for a broad spectrum of different applications for a wide variety of fly patterns. To fully make the material breath and come to life a small piece of the tacky side of Velcro will brush out the fibers for a fuller body that moves like no other. There are many colors to choose from as well, just take a look what Jay and Glenn Fair have to offer you by visiting their website at Jay Fair Flies

When it comes to catching large educated trout, Jay Fair materials give you the edge!

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  1. I ordered some material from Jay and Glenn last week! They were great. Can't wait to try it!


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