Spring Edition

Spring Edition
Spring Edition

Monday, November 11, 2013

November Love at Lake Davis

How I love those warm early November days in the Northern Sierra on a gorgeous and productive still water. Just being in the realm of it all, living large, and taking in some much needed therapy of an aggressive feeding rainbow trout taking your fly with reckless abandon. It's hard to describe the feeling I get when I watch rookies and novices have an epic day on the water at Lake Davis, There is a rush to it, yet there is also satisfaction in sharing the knowledge to see them be successful. Learning the subtle take and the strip set is vital, it's a feeling that is acquired through countless takes, and fall still water is the perfect time to feel and learn the grab.

The lake has been fishing extremely well, and all the access areas from the middle lake to the extreme North have been productive if you can find the fish. Water temps this last week ran 41-50 degrees. Most anglers are having great success with a wide variety of different presentations. The last two weeks has been excellent for my guests who racked up some pretty big numbers that make us look greedy, but when the catchings good you got to get all you can!

Here are a few more shots of of some seriously stoked still water fly guys; Honest clean happiness.

Ray and Tom from Amador Flyfishers were super stoked!

Weather for the upcoming week is looking good after this weak system passes through with a 10-20% chance of of isolated showers, there is colder temperatures coming our way with lows in the mid 20's and highs reaching 45-50 degrees. Be warned, the ice and snow is coming and with it constant changing conditions on how much shore ice we get and which coves will begin to ice up, as well as reliable access. 

The trout will begin to migrate to the southern lake as we enter late November into December. Hot orange wiggle tails can be deadly as the water temps decline. Weather will be the deciding force from now until ice up. There is still plenty of game left at the lake if you can seek out, adjust, and adapt. 

As late falls sets in on Lake Davis there is a point I have to put the boat away. But for those of you who are in good shape and willing to hike to different sections of the lake there can be some prime opportunities and some great fishing; right of the bank. It's a whole different game than my regular trips, we bring packs filled with gear, hot food, and whatever it takes to cast to a willing rainbow. Please email me here for inquiries if you're seriously interested in a still water trout adventure! You know you want it, you want to feel the grab...Here are a few shots from last year's action; 

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