Spring Edition

Spring Edition
Spring Edition

Friday, March 7, 2014

Lake Davis Fishing Report 3/7/14

Since the Lower Yuba was blown out last week, I advised my guests our time would be better spent getting up to Lake Davis. Air Temperatures were balmy in the morning and pleasantly warm in the afternoon. The wind blew lightly throughout the day from all directions that just put a slight ripple on the water, nothing to blow us off the lake by any means. Water temps ran 42 degrees in the morning and climbed to 49 by late afternoon. Clarity was good in most places, while other coves were dirty from previous rain and snow melt. The banks are soaked and gushy with mud, be careful driving your vehicle off the roads.

We chose a few select spots around the lake but the majority of the fish were on the East side at the usual places. Many of the feeder creeks were dry, while a few were just s trickle, and just enough to give the water a sweet smell to invite those rainbows with spawning on their minds. There are two different types of behavior being displayed by the trout right now, some have reproduction on their mind, and others are actively feeding.

There were numerous snails to be found, the most I've seen in the last 8 years! They are back and in good numbers. Now we are going to see these rainbows grow bigger in the years to come. What a welcomed sight.

There was a decent Blood midge hatch in the late afternoon, in fact I was quite surprised to see them pop. I also saw a few damsels swimming around. No other aquatic insects were observed.

Just as the sun dipped behind the mountains the switch turned on and the rainbows went on a all out eating spree, which was excellent to see as the day was just average. In fact it was crazy! In 1 hour 15 fish were landed and many more grabs that did not result in hook ups. Wiggle tails, buggers, and leeches did not receive much love today, these trout wanted pheasant tail nymphs and callibaetis soft hackles. The rainbows ranged in size from 17 - 22" with typical dark spawning colors. 

The lake is about 1-2 months ahead of schedule depending on how you look at it. Fishing pressure is heavy at some of the known coves, so heavy, you may have to pick a number and stand in line. Look for conditions to improve on a weekly basis as more bugs get active. What an awesome day! 

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