Spring Edition

Spring Edition
Spring Edition

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lower Yuba River Fishing Report 3/13/14

A beautiful day, warm, sunny, and nobody out in the area I fished. The flows have dropped down to 521 cubes with Deer creek adding an additional 35 cfs. Water clarity is perfect, about 3 feet with just a tinge of color. Skwalas are still out, I saw them flying, in the drift, and scurrying around on the hot rocks. A few PMDs but not many fish rising. Not one March brown to be found either. Water temps were 55-58 degrees. The Yuba is in great shape!

I worked the foam lines and presented the "Skwala Unit" and covered productive water.  I did a lot of blind casting today, but it payed off as I raised 8, hooked 5, and landed 4 rainbows 12-16". Fishing the Skwala dry is just plain fun, and also challenging to those wary bank feeders - It's my preference.

I'm always amazed when I hook into a Lower Yuba River rainbow, they're so powerful for their size. Big water, and strong currents make these athletes a superior specimen. 

What an awesome find today and a major reminder that spring is here, a Pteronarcys stoner, sunning its self and looking for a mate. The biggest of the big bugs.

Here is a great example of the perfect home for a trout, and one that I teach my guests when we are on the water. Notice the overhanging brush providing "dark water", the current is way slower here as well, with some good depth to it. There is also a major foam line entering the area providing vast amounts of food. Fishy.

The flowers are starting to emerge, California poppies, red bud, and many small ground flowers gave the surroundings some much needed color, among the endless sea of cobblestones and gravel.

A fruitful solo session is magnificent for the soul. Find your own adventure on a river where the trout call home, it's waiting for you...

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