Summer Edition

Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Lake Davis Fishing Report - Post Spawn

The rainbows of Lake Davis are in post spawn mode, they're banged up, exhausted, and in transition. During this time there is a lull in the action, fishing is hit or miss, and fish are scattered. Finding pods of active feeding rainbows will dictate success. Typically after the spawn the majority of the fish can be found in the southern part of the lake, as they slowly make their way north along the west shore setting up their homes for the late spring and summer months. It's also during this time that fish can be suspended in the upper water column in 10-20 feet of water working the surface periodically.

I saw many different bugs out, nothing in big numbers though. A few damsels, callibaetis nymphs, blood midges, backswimmers, and a tiny tan midge. Water temperatures are running 49-53 degrees. Look for conditions to pick up by the end of the month, warmer weather will increase hatches and post spawn rainbows will become hungry again. When I start seeing more rising fish, and bigger hatches, that's when I start to get really excited - Can't wait!

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