Summer Edition

Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Middle Fork Feather River Fishing Report - 4/22/14

The Middle Fork Feather River has been fishing fair to good in the “early opener” section of the upper river. Stream side native grasses are starting to green up, and the first wild flowers of the area are just starting to pop open. Fishing pressure has been light, and on my last visit there my guests and I were the only anglers on the water. Water temperatures are still dictating success; the last reading was 50 to 55 degrees, up a few degrees but still a few degrees away from prime conditions.

Aquatics insect activity is intensifying on a daily basis with caddis, the little green stones, March browns, and BWO's being the most prolific. There is some colder weather and some much needed precipitation in effect right now until next week. Snow will fall in the upper elevations, with rain on the Mohawk valley floor. The snow will melt quickly adding a little color to the water, and may drop water temperatures; this will only stall conditions until the sun and warmth return.

Effective sub surface patterns have been Iron Sallies #12-16, Hare’s Ears #12-14, Gil's G-6 caddis, in olive, and brown #14-18, and BH Flashback Pheasant Tails #16-18. The native rainbows are ganged up in the deeper pools and runs, cover water until you find the fish, and then work the area thoroughly. Adding multiple split shot to your nymph rig and getting down is vital whether you are high sticking, or using an indicator rig. Dry fly fishing has yet to really kick in, though a few fish are starting to rise during the warmest time of the day. 

Don’t forget that the rest of the MFFR will be open starting this Saturday the 26th, and the entire river from the headwaters down to Lake Oroville will be open. Good luck out there!

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