Summer Edition

Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Busy June at Lake Davis

It seems like it's been only a matter of days since my big run at Lake Davis started, but in reality it was 26 days on the water guiding, 18 of those in a row. The details of being an independent guide and the large amount of work that is done behind the scenes is monumental at times. But when a guest finally gets a grab from an educated rainbow and practices what we taught them, it all makes it worth while. Yeah, it's all about the look on their face as they radiate the simple glow of happiness. So awesome!

The Lake Davis Advanced Still Water Outings were once again a big hit with our guests, many of them returning because it is such a fun time! It's always a good laugh to see first timers as they sit down to Rob Anderson's cooking, then get up and hurry over for seconds! Both our groups hit it right with a pretty good damselfly hatch, and awesome conditions for sight fishing off the bank. They also got a new appreciation when they got a hook up as this game of cat and mouse is so challenging. Big fish were caught, many broke off by the violent first runs, and the Hex hatch in the evening did not disappoint. The only bummer really was a few days of big wind that hampered our catch rates. I can't stress how much fun the outings are, the friendships made, and the gut busting laughter that echoed into the evenings. Rob and I will be hosting another Outing in Fall on September 12th, 13th, and 14th, we hope your able to join us and the good times. Contact either one of us as soon as possible as these outings fill up extremely quickly.

Reno Fly Fishing Outfitters

This June was also the first Lake Davis Fly Fishing Tours put together by Lance Gray of Lance Gray & Co. and myself. It's a really unique tour as we combine both my boat and vehicle to tour around the lake, while explaining productive access areas and the nuances of them. The two day tour provided plenty of time to fish, learn new techniques, the go to flies, and inside knowledge that can only be gained from putting in over a thousand days on the lake. The amount of information shared is so vast! Lance and I will have another Tour this fall on September 16th and 17th, it's limited to just two anglers so if you want to go, act now.

Lance Gray & Co.

Once again it's time to switch gears as Lake Davis will be getting to warm for good fishing and the fish's health. Colder spring fed streams, creeks, and tail water fisheries is where you can find my guests and I until early Fall. I want to thank all of our guests who engaged on our trips, and my fellow guides who have allowed me to participate in some very special tours and outings. 

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