Summer Edition

Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Livin' Large at Lake Davis

So far June has seen decent conditions in both damsel activity, and active feeding trout. Fishing conditions picked up quickly in the first week as the damsel hatch got going and the fish keyed in on dark nymphs. Week two, more of the same, and the hot weather ignited all the aquatic insects in the lake, and hatches were strong.  Surface water temperatures got as high as 68 on the 12th, currently it's running at a reduced 62 degrees from this recent system of colder air.

Everyday the damsel hatch varies from intensity, to duration. Certain areas can have a great hatch for a few days then nothing, it's always changing. Covering ground and fishing off the shoreline, or kicking around in the water form a PWC while hunting heads and rise forms, has been very productive if you get it all to go right. Not big numbers, but the most quality experience for hooking large trout that test your skills at tracking, and making presentations to moving targets. Bring your best damsel imitations, fish are getting selective and smart.

Hexagenia Limbata was finally observed on the 4th  in various spots on the lake, like the damsel hatch, air temps and wind greatly affect the Hex hatch as well. Windy and cold conditions are not favorable. If you've never seen a full blown hex hatch with trout slurping 'em down, then it's your next "must do" on the list. It is so impressive if there are a numerous bugs emerging, the hatch is a great example of Mother Earth's amazing creatures. I saw 3 Hex duns fly by during the day, and got to see a nymph swim around in shallow clear water close up!

Photo by Anthony Upton

A pattern of big wind hit Thursday with gusts up to 35, and continued on and off through the weekend, then increasing again hammering Monday, and finally mellowing out today. There is a slight warming trend coming and it's really needed, it's been cold the last two days, in fact it felt like October this morning. Fishing is tough in adverse conditions, sometimes the bite is on and it makes it easy, other times perseverance and laughter get you through. What an awesome place, see you in the morning....

Queen Anne's Lace lines the fertile grounds of Lake Davis

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