Summer Edition

Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Saturday, October 25, 2014

3 Club Presentation Tour ~ Lake Davis

The first week of November finds myself behind the wheel and heading south, then north, for a 3 club presentation gig sharing the secrets of Lake Davis, Northern California's legendary still water. My award winning Powerpoint presentation goes in depth about the lake's access points, how to approach the different seasons, tactics, techniques, go to flies, and entomology. The audience will gain valuable information that can be used for other still waters across the west. The virtual tour features 140 slides of vivid pictures, diagrams, and maps. Fly anglers across the state absolutely love this program, and it's one you do not want to miss!

The first club I will be presenting to on November 4th is Aguabonita Fly Fishers located in Ridgecrest, Ca. The meetings are free, and the public is welcome to attend. For more information on location and times go here; AFF Meetings

Club number two will be the Kern River Fly Fishers from Bakersfield, Ca on the night of November 5th This club meeting is also free and open to the general public. For more information go here; KRFF Meetings

As I head North on the I-5, my final presentation will be in Livermore, Ca, home of Tri-Valley Fly Fishers on the evening of November 6th. As with the other clubs mentioned above, admission is free and the public is welcomed. For more information go here; TVFF Meetings

I'm looking forward to sharing my vast knowledge on Lake Davis with these three fine clubs, and meeting new fly anglers. Presenting my programs is a real high light for me, they're fun, and so rewarding. If you're near any of these venues I invite you to come out and sit down for an informative evening that will leave you smiling with dreams of still water bliss. See you there!

Photo by Anthony Upton

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