Summer Edition

Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Lake Davis Fishing Report 10/29/14 ~ Fall Color, Fat Trout, and Snow Coming

Autumn bliss at Lake Davis and perfect conditions is one of the most awesome experiences I've ever had since being on this big blue marble. Glassy water with just a ripple at times, and those explosive fall colors punching out like wildfire in the distance wrapping all around you, like the arms of your favorite sweetie, is something special. Days like these are so quiet, except for the tooting trumpets from the thousands of coots, and a call of a comfortable mallard hen, looking for her drake. Days like these are so good that if it were my last day on earth, I'd be quite content as I crossed the dimension into another world. Catching some large trout is just the bonus, and the older I get, the more I realize it's about the experience of the day. With every year flying by I truly can appreciate the simple things that Mother Earth and life in general provides us with, and those of us who can understand the big picture, lead a happier, fuller life. Beautiful surroundings in the mountains, and the company of loved ones and good friends keeps the smile on my face, and the sparkle in my eye. It is my everything.

The rainbows this year sure have added on some girth, and they too are putting on their fall colors with rosy red cheeks, and glowing lateral lines. I love fishing this time of year at the lake because it is such a simple game, a floating line, a standard 9 foot leader, with one fly, and fish in the skinny water. I love even more the subtle grab, where your line feels heavier, stretching, until a solid connection with electricity jolts you, and your heart starts to race with anticipation, and the excitement, of your new catch.

Finally some cold weather has moved in, and it has dropped air temperatures to freezing in the mornings. With ice on the boat cover before rolling out for another trip, it’s a good sign conditions are changing for the better, and this will really help for the bite to get stronger. Water temps have dipped a bit too, 49 in the morning rising to 55 in the late afternoon. I've noticed some changes in the trout’s behavior in the last few days; they're more concentrated in the upper water column 1-3 feet down, with more of them in the skinny water. 

Today I saw more risers than I have in the last few weeks. When you don’t mark fish in open water on the sonar it’s a good bet they are in the shallower water 1-5 feet down. One tip to share is once water temps go below 50, fish will most likely be in shallows as it warms up quicker, especially areas with dark muddy bottoms that attract solar radiation. When that scenario happens, the trout like to be there all day as there is plenty of food, and the comfort level is just right.

I finally got to share this slice of still water heaven with my buddy Chris Maher of Chris Maher Fly Fishing, a top Nor Cal guide who spends his summers guiding at the Baranof Lodge in Alaska, and the winter season at his home in Truckee, Ca. Chris's other passion is observing and hunting ducks. Lake Davis has a huge population of game birds, and I wanted to show him just how rich the lake is with waterfowl. We did a little cast and blast today, but no ducks were harmed, they're just too smart when it comes to jump shooting. The most amazing sight though was seeing an airborne flock of at least a hundred mallards racing across the sky. 

Rain and snow is forecasted for Friday through Saturday, this should help the fishing, but even more important, dress and be prepared for conditions. Good luck out there at Lake Davis, The shorelines are glowing right now with fall color, and so gorgeous, that alone is worth a trip up!

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