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Spring Edition
Spring Edition

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Pyramid Lake w/ Renegades On The Fly

The day after Christmas had me behind the wheel of the F-250 traveling from Calistoga, CA to Pyramid Lake, NV after being invited for a special fish out. After a 5 hour drive I finally got to meet one of the most bad ass women guides around, Shelly Ehmer, who has been working the legendary Big Horn River for the past few seasons. Shelly is also the founder of "Renegades On The Fly", a Facebook group that is dedicated to fly fishing for large trout, and having the most fun with life you can have. In my opinion, it's one of the most entertaining pages on FB ever.

I also got hang out and fish with some of the official army of "Renegades", raising havoc, and shootin the bull. It was such a great time! Fishing wise the lake is still slow, even with perfect conditions such as we had. But when you have a chance to catch a serious 15 to 25 pound animal of a trout, you just keep casting. I want to thank the crew from "Renegades On The Fly" for having me, It was awesome, and I plan on hanging out with them in the very near future.


Evolutionjay said...

Glad to see the Renegades crew doing it exactly as it should be done, with the utmost respect, unity, and an air of brother/sisterhood. That's the essence of true class. Epic post Jon, thank you for sharing brother.

Jonny B. said...

Thanks EJ, It's a special group of fly anglers for sure, Glad to be a part of it! Keep up the great work ;)

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