Spring Edition

Spring Edition
Spring Edition

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Tying The Pepperoni Yuk Bug

The Pepperoni Yuk Bug was one of my Dad's favorite patterns when we used to visit the Madison River in Montana. Of course being Italian he was biased on the name of the fly, and that's just how it is with us Paisanos. This fly falls into the stone fly nymph / attractor category, and big brown trout love this thing!

The origins of "the Pep" come from Robbie Garret who modified the original Yuk Bug of the late 70's to his specs. Robbie was a fine boatman and guide, and anybody that has ever fished with Robbie knows how serious and intense he is. This fly takes those traits and exploits them, like the rubber legs that pulsate and move. The best way to fish this fly is high sticking with a dead drift, and occasionally pumping the rod tip ever so slightly to moves those legs. I'm thinking this fly would be killer on the Truckee River as you know darn well those fish have not seen it before. 

Hook - TMC 5262, sizes 4-8
Thread - 3/0, black
Bead - black nickel, size to hook
Tail - Large brown rubber
Legs - Large white rubber
Abdomen - Med or large black chenille depending on hook size 
Thorax - Med or large orange chenille depending on hook size
Hackle - Fiery brown Jay Fair schlappen 

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