Summer Edition

Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Lower Yuba River Fishing Report 3/8/2015 ~ Aquatic Soup Du Jour

Sunshine and water, the ultimate prescription to a long life and happiness has been the norm on the Lower Yuba River as of late. Water conditions are very clear and low and the flows dropped down to 667 cubes last night, with Deer creek only adding a wimpy 12 cfs. Fishing pressure has been thick in certain areas, but there is still so much water one can fish without pressure, and those in the mix know that 10% catch of the anglers 90% of the fish.

Guiding and educating anglers is my life now, this is what I do, and will continue to do so until I cannot fish anymore. Guiding is also how I pay my rent, and put food on my table, paying the expenses of my everyday life, including my business. I’m not just some fly by night make a quick dollar type a guy, I give back, I pay it forward, and the fly fishing industry’s response to me in the mix has been extremely positive. In my view the fishery comes first, the public second, and commercial guiding absolutely last. 

The Yuba is going off right now, and hatches have been insane! March browns, skwalas, PMD's, Pinkies, and Gray Drakes from about 10am to 3pm. Late in the day a Skwala dry with a dropper has been super effective. Banner year for the Golden stone fly that is emerging a full month ahead of schedule, the most I've seen on this river ever. Bring your Yellow #8 stimis, and keep your head on a swivel for active rising fish no matter the species of aquatic insect involved.

There is so many new wild steelhead and resident wild trout spawning in the Lower Yuba right now. Please walk and anglers, look out where you step, your wading actions could crush new steelhead and also resident wild trout fry and eggs that lay in the fine cobble. Avoid clean fine gravel depressions in tail outs while wading.

Flies; sub surface, Hogans S&M in dark olive #16 & #18, Military Mays (same color and size), Worms in red and natural, and try swinging a BH  Hare's Ear in a size 12 to copy the emerging Gray Drake. Dries; PMD & March Brown Sparkle Comparaduns. Skwala patterns are still very effective and the bugs have been out in good force. When other anglers tell me they have not seen any skwalas I question their game. I see so many of them as do my guests. Maybe stop and sit in one location for half an hour and just....observe and learn. It's that simple. They have been thick the last two weeks, late afternoon presentations are best. Get out there and explore, escape, and lose yourself in the wild trout fishery of the Lower Yuba. It's our water to enjoy.


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