Summer Edition

Summer Edition
Summer Edition

Monday, March 30, 2015

RIO Suppleflex Leaders

Last year I was introduced to the RIO Suppleflex leader by my good friend Tom Page of Reel Anglers fly shop in Grass Valley. immediately we concurred that this leader would make a great addition to swinging soft hackles on the Lower Yuba River. The Suppleflex offered more, and after a full year of using it, I can say it has opened up many more doors of presentations. 

The leader itself is soft and supple, just as the name implies. It comes in 2 different lengths, 9 foot, and 13.5 feet. I prefer the 13.5, it turns over well, and for technical fly first dry fly presentations to wary educated trout, it can't be beat. The leader is so soft that it tames the many micro currents that can affect your fly in having too much drag. The RIO Suppleflex leader has proven without a doubt to me as a key component for successful dry fly fishing.

The other door that this leader opened for me, was bringing it into the still water arena. The RIO Suppleflex 13.5 performed magnificently with the damsel hatch at Lake Davis last spring. The top green section of the leader blended in nicely with the surrounding weed beds, and the softness of the leader gave my damsel imitations a little more life, especially using a closed loop knot. The long length also helped in keeping the fly line well away from those spooky trout in shallow water. 

The Suppleflex leader provides so many different oppertunities when it comes to delivering your fly, check one out on your next trip, you won't be disappointed. 

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